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“These meditations have become a part of my daily life. They both calm, uplift and inspire me which is a powerful combination that helps me on my journey towards being my best self. The combination of Sookz’s voice and beats has that unique ability to create personal transformation.”
— Alessandra

Meditative Beats

Throughout my journey as a music producer, I had a profound love for sound and music. It led to a path that wasn't true to my heart. As the saying rejection is redirection & protection. I began a new journey with my passion for music. 

Music that is made to guide through a journey within, which ultimately helps you navigate through your everyday life, by building up a strong presence and love within. We have to come back home, to the sound of our own melody, the beat of our own drum. These meditative beats both guided and instrumental meditations are created from a high source of vibration, straight from the soul & spirit that resides within.