It all started when…

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One innocent morning meditation a Giant Octopus made itself present, as it floated out of the sun. It approached me, took an aspect of its brain, and handed it over to me. Over the course of the years I’ve grown and harnessed different skillsets and talents, but could never really find a way to merge them all. That was until I realized that it’s not about “What I do” but more about “Who I am”.

So here I am, with so much to give, here with a brand new 3 month program. Guiding you as the inner Octopus has guided me. We are all born with unique “Gifts” “Talents”, we get visions, aspirations, and it is within our code to constantly seek growth, and explore our limitations so that we can surpass them. 

This is a program like an Octopus, is so versatile it can help anyone. I’m not offering to tell you what to do, but rather to be your guide for 90days. Some of the aspects that it will involve include:

  • Photography, Content Photography, For products/services, Video, Video editing, Graphic design, Storyboards, mind maps and more, all to help guide you in communicate and express.

  • Energy work to get you primed for your dreams, reflective meditation sessions to better understand the internal messages that are being brought up by your subconscious. Dropping into the heart space to keep a clear aligned momentum.

We can go from A-Z to in between. From belief systems all the way to the real world manifestation of your visions and aspirations.

I’ve never felt more excited about anything in my life mostly because seeing others shine and truly realize that celebrating their life can be a possibility if you choose to. 

If this interests you, or speaks to you, then schedule your “Discovery Session” so I can help guide you along your journey.