The Luminance Workshops are designed to take off your mask. Using meditation techniques as well as visualization techniques, the group collectively goes through guided experiences, where we will explore inner truths. The closer we come to our authenticity the easier it becomes to be in our own skin and make our dreams a reality. The ingredients that we will be cultivating occur on 3 Planes which which are:

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Using breathing techniques, stretches, and tuning into our body for answers. Cultivating sensible exercise, efficient rest & eating whats right for your body. 


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Listening to our inner voice, tuning into our intuition and developing a great sense of self. Cultivating courage, kindness, authenticity, accountability, integrity & humility. 


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Developing a sharper mind, learning to feel emotions from a detached POV, and harnessing its momentum as a flow of energy using it towards something you want to create. We sharpen awareness, alertness, build clarity of the mind, and learn to strive for an emotional balance which ultimately empowers you.