My Story

I started out out as an artist, photographer & music producer. Upon practicing mindfulness for the past 10 years, experiencing a few near death experiences, working through depression and anxiety, learning about the body as a personal trainer and training in martial arts. I discovered another gift, which revolved in another layer of awareness. Through this ability to simply stop, I became highly sensitive and began to further understand what was going on on the inside within myself. This taught me how to shift energies and frequencies that were keeping me in a survival state. Now through this process of expansion, I've come to offer my insights from my own journey, and share this gift of being able to reflect conscious and sub-conscious messages through deep diving meditations and energy work. I call it illumination because truthfully it was through the discovery of my own light, that I was able to sense and feel out the light within others. 

 Life is to be celebrated. 

There is so much in our existence that shines, from the darkest places the lights shine the brightest, and that’s what life can be. It’s not fluff to experience joy, fullness, and the raw experience of being alive. It feels as though  a lot of us are in this journey to remember something we forgot. Seeking a re-connection to something we “Think” we lost. So in the process of looking, and piecing the whole piece back together, we experience the full range and capacity of what it truly means to be alive. We remember that we were always the whole piece. All with a unique amount of flavours. This is a place to celebrate life. The sessions are designed to help you remember your piece, and re-connect with what already exists within you. 

These sessions are releasing, enlightening & empowering. This is something I'm very passionate about and am ready to share the energy of High Vibrations with you.

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