1:1 Energy Session

In these Intuitive sessions, a reflection of your conscious & subconscious become present. It is a great opportunity to further understand yourself, as well as your gifts. Deep diving with Sukhdev's own illumination energy work, these sessions bring about a feeling of relaxation, bliss, clarity and create a sense of inner peace within a safe space. 

I booked an intuitive energy session and it blew my mind. Thought talk, understanding, spirituality and energy, he totally transformed my state. I left with incredible energy, clear-mindedness, and alignment, floating and buzzing on source in my crown chakra. This man has incredible healing capabilities and he is wonderful to work with (and I’ve met many energy workers!) I’ve already suggested him to three friends!
— Ania
My first session with Sukhdev was amazing. I consider my meditation practice as somehow advanced, but straight from the beginning, he understood how I could work on myself to push it further. And he guided me into understanding what needed to be done with so much sensibility and gentleness. That experience was truly beyond expectation.
— Louis-Thomas
“Sookz made me realize that the creative journey is not an easy one but if u channel ur work with the right vision, the journey is something u’ll embrace and u’ll know that ur on the right path! I struggle with that at times as the creative process can be a lonely one, but as long as I trust the vision, I am on the right path!“
— Nir Guzinski, Nearly Funny
“Over the last month, as I have journeyed through some of the deepest and most intense transformations of my life, my friend Sukhdev Benning reached out in perfect synchronicity to offer his healing services to me. They have been absolutely integral in helping me navigate the difficult terrain of my existence and I highly recommend him. He’s a beautiful soul with gifted energy medicine skills and offers gentle guidance to take you deeper into connecting with your higher knowing. I can’t recommend him enough. If you’re looking for healing support, definitely reach out to dear Sukhdev. Thank you, brother, for helping me find my guiding light and shift into positive purpose.
— Darren Austin-Hall

These sessions can make shifts such as:

• You feel profoundly and joyfully at ease with the world

• You feel a strong sense of shared humanity and see the beauty in others

• You feel empowered and at peace in a chaotic world

• You are able to bless and make others see their inherent goodness

• You are able to speak truth (even the painful one) with heart & without fear.

• You feel powerful, yet in a warm, caring way

• You have a vision for your life on this Earth

By creating a space for an individual to get closer to their personal truth. In these one to one sessions an environment that cultivates the virtues of a Light in a Body are the main chemistry to a healing and transformative experience. By working with a level of personal responsibility within someone to help them break free from past conditioning and into a more “conscious” way of living. Sukhdev uses a Mind Heart Spirit approach, by helping you tap into your innate wisdom that resides within all 3 levels. Which in turn brings about a state of calm within oneself, but also the illumination of ones personal light.

Great for those who are experiencing some of these blocks:

  • • You leave your authentic voice and dreams behind when you go to work in the morning

    • You often want to do things, but let your fear get the better of you

    • You often blame and criticize others in their absence

    • You feel separate from the rest of humanity

    • You have a strong tendency to focus on your own problems

    • You feel as if the world is somehow broken/that the universe isn’t a friendly place

    • You are bored with yourself, always making predictable choices and saying predictable things (this is good news; you are primed for the shift)

    • Your emotional life is either rigid or chaotic

    • You frequently have arguments with others in your head

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