I booked an intuitive energy session and it blew my mind. Thought talk, understanding, spirituality and energy, he totally transformed my state. I left with incredible energy, clear-mindedness, and alignment, floating and buzzing on source in my crown chakra. This man has incredible healing capabilities and he is wonderful to work with (and I’ve met many energy workers!) I’ve already suggested him to three friends!
— Ania



How the sessions unfold


Our mind is power, it is our best friend, an incredible ally that has the ability to create, guide, manifest and protect. Here we begin the sessions with working into belief systems, cultivating inner wisdom, clarity and peace of mind. Learning to become best friends with our greatest asset. The MIND. 


The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. It literally can give you a shine. It is an organ that fuels and pumps life force throughout your body. It cultivates unconditional love, compassion power and presence. Here we re-connect to its central intelligence, to our inherent grace, our love for ourselves and opening up to the love that exists all around us. In this second section we will flow through emotions, and harness the tidal wisdom that exists within it. 


The aspect that connects us to everything. Vast infinite awareness that speaks through the stars, the sky, the oceans and the ground. The fluidity that allows us to feel, see and hear beyond our senses. The shifting of being human having a spiritual experience, to being a spiritual being having a human experience. Where energy and states become malleable and where we can fully embody our higher selves. We tune in, tap in and illuminate this vibration through breath, energy and bliss. 


1:1 Energy sessions

Illuminate your inner self, through deep diving energy work. Helping you harness your own intuition and self-empowerment. 

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Within these group sessions we collectively learn to take off masks, and hold space for one another. Working with 3 elements Body, Mind & Soul. We will as a group embody our highest versions.

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These aren’t your typical meditations, these are hand crafted and designed to guide into your deepest selves, to help you uncover more of your inner fire, and gain a better communication with your higher self. Generally meditations are made to take you into a slow, calming state, however these meditations are made to amp you up, Ignite a spark within you, inspire you, keep you grounded and connect you to your heart. But also gives you an opportunity to develop your skills in taking flight within.